Giving Back

A Token of Gratitude to Our Land

Planting for a Purpose

At Cherry Creek Estate, we do more than just grow avocados. We’re grateful for the land that allows us to produce Australia’s first Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Avocado Oil. And now, we’re giving back...

A Step Towards Healing

Nurturing Nature

With every bottle sold, a portion will be dedicated to planting Rainbow Eucalyptus trees within Cherry Creek Estate and the broader Darling Downs Region. These vibrant trees, with their captivating colors, symbolise our stand against the marks left by logging and industrial activities, aligning with our zero waste policy as we tread towards a greener, more beautiful Australia.

Coming Together for Green Goals

Community at the Core

Our tree planting days have morphed into communal rendezvous where veterans and our team unite. With many trees planted already, every gathering takes us a step closer to our sustainability and carbon neutrality goals. We want to invite you to join us in this venture. Keep an eye on our social media for updates on the next planting day.

Unveiling Nature's Palette

The Enchanting Rainbow Eucalyptus

Rainbow Eucalyptus trees, scientifically known as Eucalyptus deglupta, are almost surreal with their multi-coloured bark. Native to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Philippines, this unique species ventures beyond the ordinary green, unveiling a spectrum of vibrant hues akin to a living, breathing canvas.

The bark of Rainbow Eucalyptus is its claim to fame, starting off as bright green when first exposed. As it matures, it transitions through a kaleidoscope of colours - red, orange, and purple, before reaching a mature brown, at which point it sheds, and the mesmerising cycle begins anew.

Sadly, in its native regions, the Rainbow Eucalyptus faces threats from logging and use as firewood. But in the heart of Australia's Darling Downs Region, they stand as symbols of Cherry Creek Estate's commitment to environmental restoration and aesthetic wonder, in the future, we hope to see these trees grow tall against the backdrop of rolling hills and vibrant avocado orchards.

More Than a Purchase

You are making a difference

As you drizzle our avocado oil onto your salad, know that each drop echoes our pledge towards a sustainable, greener, and more beautiful Australia. Your purchase transcends a mere transaction; it's a seed sown in the heart of Cherry Creek, contributing to a verdant legacy we tirelessly strive to create.

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