Our Vision.

Cherry Creek, Queensland, Australia

Our fertile land is a precious resource, and our commitment is to preserve its natural abundance. Our endeavor is driven by our dedication to ensuring a prosperous and sustainable future for the forthcoming generation of farmers.

Creating the farm of the future, today.

The land we grow on is naturally abundant, and we plan to keep it that way. Through innovation, technology and sustainable farming practices, we can maximise the longevity of our farmland whilst minimising our carbon footprint. We do this to secure a productive and healthy future for the next generation of farmers to come.

Sunshine and soil is our secret ingredient.

The nutrient-rich profile of our region’s soil, combined with Cherry Creek's altitude and climate, means our avos develop higher levels of specific oils that form plant-based Squalane. Carrying the keys to vitality and youth, Squalane helps to boost collagen production and assists in the fight against free radicals.

Natural volcanic soil makes for perfect farming.

Sitting on a small plateau of rich volcanic soils, Cherry Creek has a unique micro-climate that makes it perfect for growing avocados, macadamias and a variety of vegetables. The rolling hills of the Darling Downs Region keep moisture in the air for longer, allowing our avocados more time to ripen to their richest, creamiest potential.

Harnessing the sun.

The sun-drenched landscape of Southeast Queensland's Darling Downs Region offers a unique opportunity to achieve carbon neutrality, and we’re making the most of it. We’re minimising fossil fuel consumption by transitioning to electric tractors, trucks and farm-hand mobility vehicles. Our electric fleet will be energised by the 100+ megawatt solar systems that we have begun building throughout our farms.

Growing to become carbon neutral.

We want to satisfy people's superfood appetite with minimal impact to our local environment and natural habitat.

No food waste policy.

Fresh food is becoming more expensive for farmers to grow, and for people to buy. Every molecule of organic matter can be utilised as energy in bio-fuel systems or organic matter composting programs, so we put food waste to work.

We’ve begun implementing such practices through sustainable farming protocols and modern, environmentally conscious orchard management plans.

Zero waste begins now.

Southeast Queensland's Darling Downs Region, bathed in sunlight, provides a unique chance for carbon neutrality. We’re minimising fossil fuel consumption by transitioning to electric tractors, trucks and farm-hand mobility vehicles.

Progressing to zero waste, we recycle orchard branches as mulch, repurpose cow manure, and reuse avocado byproducts. Our cold-pressed avocado oil production leaves behind protein-rich pulp which we use to supplement cattle feed, and wastewater that can be utilised in our paddock refurbishment program.

Protecting bees and biodiversity.

Native insects hold the keys to successful pollination of our avocado and macadamia trees, and they’re crucial in achieving our sustainability mission. Pollinators create the biological foundation for all terrestrial ecosystems by recycling nutrients and maintaining soil structure and fertility.

We actively support our native and honey bee populations by providing a variety of food sources all year round.

By planting lavender and tea trees throughout our farms and maintaining a healthy amount of native tree species, we are securing a future for our bees as well.