Our story.

Together, we are Australian.

Our team has heritage spanning from across the globe. We come from places near and far, but our mission, love of country, and the land we inhabit is what unites us.

Military men for many years, we dedicated our lives to the country we love.

We have 40+ years of combined military service between us, and although we no longer don our service uniform, we will always hold the core values ingrained in us as Australian soldiers. The spirit of mateship compels us to always help and support our teammates through adversity, and we’re doing exactly that here at Cherry Creek Estate.

We’re helping other veterans find new purpose and once again give back to the country they were proud to serve. Please watch the feature on Cherry Creek Estate by ABC News (Landline), titled "Finding New Purpose":

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The Cabin Program. Supporting veterans through farming.

Giving back and supporting veterans is central to our mission, and The Cabin Program is an initiative that grew organically with the progression of our farms. Our veteran mates helped us create what we’ve built and get to where we stand today, and we’re grateful to be in a position to provide support that’s proven to make a difference. Through The Cabin Program, we help veterans overcome the challenges they face in transitioning to civilian life and find a way forward.

We’ve begun developing circadian rhythm-friendly cabins on our farms to provide an environment for veterans to re-establish their connection with nature, with the first prototype cabin already built and installed.

During their stay, veterans have the opportunity to help with duties around the farms, conduct physical training and rehabilitation in the farms established Health and Wellbeing Centre, or simply rest and recover in a peaceful and quiet place.

Being practical and task-oriented, farm work allows veterans to feel that sense of purpose again. Completing a task where you can identify immediate results gives you a natural dose of those ‘feel good’ chemicals, helping to combat the difficulties veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression experience.

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