Farm Services

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Maximise Your Farm's Potential

Our Farm Services

Utilise our expert team to pick your fruit, offering a comprehensive service to maximise your yield.

Our certified arborists will visit your farm to prune your trees, using the latest restoration and canopy management techniques based on current research.

We provide farm services to help you maximise your crop potential. Timely fertiliser spreading can make a significant difference in your harvest outcomes.

Efficient and Rewarding Packing Solutions

Cherry Creek Packing

We offer contract packing for individual farms, ensuring you benefit from selling your process-grade fruit. Our sales pipeline guarantees top dollar for your second-grade fruit, with zero transport fees, maximising your returns.

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Commitment to Organic Excellence

Organic Produce Services

Packing and Marketing
With strict compliance in both our facility and your farming operations, we ensure your fruit meets the standards of Organic Certified bodies.

Compliance Auditing
Our compliance team maintains rigorous standards to meet multiple agency requirements, giving consumers confidence in the quality of their chosen avocado products.

Export Organic Markets
As the conventional avocado market expands into export markets, we are committed to developing export opportunities for organic avocados, working collaboratively with the entire supply chain.

Premium Avocado Oil Solutions

Avocado Oil Services

OEM Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Apply
As Australia's leading avocado oil experts, we collaborate with retail and wholesale groups to meet high customer expectations.

Wholesale Bulk In/Out
We take pride in supporting the food service industry, supplying high-quality edible oil to some of the world's best chefs

Avocado Oil Plant Design and Sale
Our engineering and design services are tailored to the growing region's elements. By working together, we aim to enhance the future of avocado farming in Australia.

Marketing of Oil in Global Commodity Markets
CCE aspires to be the leading avocado oil trading platform. Our extensive international network meets the growing demand for avocado oil, helping you navigate the complexities of global sales.

Cosmetic Grade Oils/Waxes
Using the latest extraction methods, we provide the highest quality avocado cosmetic oils and waxes, directly from our farm. We invite our partners to witness our processes, ensuring the highest integrity in our products.

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Cost-Effective Boxing Solutions

Tray Erections

Generic Boxes for Avocados
We understand the challenges of remote farming. Our boxing plant at our packshed helps local farmers save on transport costs by providing box erection services for the market.

Custom Branding (MOQ Apply)
Larger farms can submit their dielines, and we will manage your fruit packaging needs to your specifications.

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